A camera infinitely moves in parallel to a table where five dressed in black are situated around. It faces always the back of one; the director herself. Her long monologue leads to live discourse between the five shaping a manifestation of concerns and suggestions on resisting algorithmic governance.

Questioning how can an image be infinite, a live dialogue based on Gorgias of Plato is recorded as one long shot. The talk it is not pre-scripted yet moderated and the camera is infinitely moving parallel to the table on a camera dolly. The director is on play herself yet transcoded to a distant robotic entity. She is the one questioning and moderating the discussion, placing her own statement via the initial question on the table and by moderating. Lalou has been always present in her independent works under a white coat, while this is the first time she appears dressed in black and never giving away her facial expressions to the camera.


the-dialogue.net  2018